Our Services

JJC Transportation uses worldclass equipment for every transport either short or long-distance. We ensure high standards for wheelchairs, stretchers, and other ambulatory services.

JJC Transportation provides services for long-distance transfer, local medical appointments, adult day care, skilled nursing facilities, in-out surgeries, family functions, dialysis, hospice, and more.

2019 dodge Caravan wheelchair van

Ambulatory Services

This service is specially for those patients who need assistance in travelling especially seniors or elderly patients who can walk and can be safely transferred through our special vehicles. People using assisting devices e.g. walker or cane, can benefit greatly through our ambulatory services.

Door to Door

Door-to-door service gives you the peace of mind that your loved one will be transported as safely as possible without falling. We ensure that riders arrive safely at front door of home, maybe requiring a steady arm to hold onto to avoid any falls.

Wheelchair on the Service

JJC’s wheelchair services are for those patients that require mobile or manual wheelchair to move around e.g. seniors, elderly. For these people our accessible taxi and medical transportation units will greatly help.


Whenever you are in need to travel or you want your loved ones to enjoy the ride. We are just a call away

Doctor Appointment

We have Professional Drivers and we can monitor the patient all throughout the journey.

Shuttle to Airports

With assistance from the experts, our clients can have hassle-free travel or get picked up from the airport.

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